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Welcome the DemonTears roleplay site rating list. Unlike many other Roleplay site lists, this one gives small sites that have little popularity a chance to get noticed. Upon each refresh, the list rotates, allowing a new roleplay site to be viewed, no matter how popular it is. Also, listed next to the name of each roleplay site, is a short description and a counter that tells how many times people have went there. All a user has to do is visit the roleplay site list to find many different sites waiting for them. We accept sites of all types to join the list. Text Roleplay Sites, Downloadable RPG Games, and web-browser based roleplay games may be added. Please include only ONE link to your entire site (which must lead directly to the game). All genres are accepted: Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Furre, Fan/Book Based, along with plenty more. To submit your site, you may click the link on this page. If you are looking for a site to join, just look below and see if there is a Roleplay site you like. If not, just refresh to get different web sites.
Demontears Role - Play Game site rating. DemonTears.com is an interactive site for kids and teenagers. We feature an on-line text Role-play game (RP - RPG) called Clover, placed in a fantasy world where any style goes. Also, we offer various other sections. The Artist Sanctuary is the place for all who draw to come and submit their pictures. Also, for viewing the galleries that are all organized by theme! Everything from a hand to an angel can be submitted. If drawing and role-playing isn't enough for you, there is also a Writer's Cove where you can submit your stories. All fiction is accepted starting from realistic fiction, all the way to Sci-fi. If you like to pick up a pen and write (or a keyboard) this is worth a visit as you can submit your stories and they'll appear on the site. If you're one who likes to draw, write, and play games, then the best place would be the manga section, where you can submit comics or mangas, and have other people read them! So remember, whether for an exciting fantasy text role-play game called THOR where day and night fight against each other, a place to submit your drawings, sketches, and other artwork, to publish your stories and tales online, or to read or draw a fun comic/manga, DemonTears.com is the place for you!