Mary Sky                                                                  

Sentence ER: 101

The sequel to 'A Pen Story'

It was a bright day, with sunshine cascading over the city of 'Wordburg'. Occasional whips of clouds floated by, as I looked out the window. Children were running around a nearby park, chasing each other, or playing on the jungle gym. Surely, this was an amazing day to be outside. How nice it would be to just take a walk through the street... after all, it was just ever so pleasantly cool. The city was really a mass of orange and reds, with the coming of fall, Wordburg always did get more beautiful. Ah, watching is just so relaxing, perhaps I'll stay here as there is nothing to do... Wait, what's that annoying sound? Like a very loud ringing. Oh no!

It's a siren. Which means, I'm about to be rudely interrupted by a nurse running in and telling me they need me and I'll have to waste the whole day trying to help the patient with whatever problem they have. Yep, there's the ambulance racing into the driveway of the hospital, and here are the on-board doctors racing out of it and taking out a patient. Looks like another pen wreck result, I wish kids would be careful with those things! Oh, and here comes the dreaded nurse bursting into MY room.

"Doctor Penn! This is an emergency, there's been a pen wreck! The patient is unstable. You're needed right away, Doctor."

"Yeah, yeah, tell me something I don't know. Isn't Dr. Crimson available?"

"She's already there!"

"Then, why am I needed? That red pen can handle it."

"One doctor isn't enough, this is a dire emergency, a patient's life is at stake!"

"As if I care, but I'll come."

            So I followed that wretched nurse to emergency room 101, where Dr. Crimson was in hysteric tears over the sentence and screaming about how it's all hopeless. Yeah, yeah, it was always like that with this woman. Red pens just seemed to take everything seriously. So then, I, being the superb hero and doctor that I am, walked up to the sentence, almost bursting out laughing at how pathetic it was when I read it, as this was really a bad case.

I writ is esai tommorowday.

What horrid penmanship! Not to mention the spelling and tense errors. Looks like this sentence probably had a severe case of stress, and lost a lot of letters, not to mention, a chicken can write better. God! Can't they understand I'm not a psychologist? I then gave one of my infamous evil glares at the sentence so it would stop screaming as I wasn't one of those sensitive people. Plus, this sentence was written in blue ink, and due to previous events, I've had severe hate for THAT type of ink. After chaining the sentence down, I began to question it.


The sentence burst into hysteric tears, and I realized we weren't going to get along, especially not with Dr. Crimson also joining in with sobs and screaming on how hopeless it is. I turned to the nurse with rage.

"Get me two shots of Sentence-calm, stat."

"Why would you need two of them, sir?"

"One for the patient, and one for Dr. Crimson. Oh and get me some anti pen ache stuff, my cap feels like it's going to explode."

The nurse nodded and ran off, not only because she was afraid of me to death, but also because she knew that I'd made sure she got fired if it took her more than sixty seconds. It was a hobby of mine. I then sat down calmly, and pondered on what 'tommorowday' could mean. Ah, it was obvious! The only similar word that wasn't a day of week was 'yesterday'. So, I instantly filled up a shot of past tense.

            Unluckily, the patient wouldn't hold still. I turned to the clock and observed it for a moment... 58... 59... 60.. the nurse rushed in panting with the two shots of Sentence-Calm and the Pen-dvil. I'll still find a reason to fire her. So as to not waste time in such a "drastic" (yeah right) situation, I mixed the shot of Sentence-Calm with that of Past Tense (from the makers of Future Tense!). The patient suddenly dropped to sleep but looked a bit better. It now read:

"I wrot an esai yesterday."  

            Now the grammar had to be fixed. After giving another shot to Dr. Crimson (with a particularly big and painful needle), I got the dreadful female to fix the spelling although it took her ages. I swear, I'm surrounded by idiots. Anyhow, now it was correct grammatically, even the verb was spelled right. All I had to do was fix that handwriting. For this, I needed to summon my past drawing skills and put them into making this sentence beautiful again. I took out my sentence make-up kit, which I stole from Dr. Crimson's purse who was by now out cold. I took some pen-shine, a nice piece of silk, and a few other accessories and I began to work. My job lasted for many hours, and I never took a break. Finally, I was finished. This was truly an amazing accomplishment. I admired my work and read it over a few times. The sentence read:

I wrote an essay yesterday.

It was now a nice neat sentence, with careful lettering, done in a Commercial Script font. Perfect. As the patient opened their eyes, I gave a smile (which looked completely evil to anyone but me) and handed them a mirror, after which they asked:

"Why am I written backwards?"

A note from our sponsors:

We are not real. Please do not search for the products in this story. They shall never be for sale because they are top-secret and we're hiding the good stuff from you all.

About Dr. Penn (also known as Mister Penner P. Penn):

            After his biography in a pen story, Mr. Penn's life continued. The girl whop was his previous owner, once seeing the wonderful artwork he drew, got him a pen refill. Unfortunately, the following day, she lost Mr. Penn and he wound up at the 'Sunset Sentence Hospital' where he became a doctor not long after. His attitude never changed from being as bitter and evil as it had been before the ink refill operation. Mr. Penn is still alive to this day, and we can be sure he'll remain that way, or another sequel can't come out.

            The sentence was written by Ms. Penkry, and thanks to that fact, it didn't survive happily very long after 'Doctor' Penn found out about it's origin. Although it has never been determined on whether the sentence died or is living at a secret hidden location, we know that it is highly recommended to keep away from Mr. Penn at all costs.